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Maker Afterschool – Starting in October!

Let’s Keep Making!

So Maker Camp is over for the summer, but we got to thinking, just because the summer ended we shouldn’t stop making fun projects together. Right? So we are excited to officially announce the October launch of our Maker Camp After-School Program and we would like you to join us.

Camp launches October 5! Here are the details:

  • We’ll have one featured project delivered via video each week that affiliates can add to their current after-school activities and programming;
  • Materials for the projects will be easy to find and inexpensive;
  • We’ll gear the projects to an average age of 12;
  • We’ll send you electronic promotional materials to print out or send by email to parents, teachers, and kids to let them know you are hosting an Maker Camp After-School Program.

If you are interested in joining the fun, please complete the form here so we can add your site to the map on and we can begin sending you more details about the Maker Camp After-School Program.
Thanks for your support this summer and let’s keep making all year-round!

The Maker Camp Team

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