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Contact Info     Colorado 4-H STEM & K-12 programs provide opportunities for youth to learn, practice and apply knowledge and abilities to prepare them for success in careers and life.

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Please be patient as we work on updating this page and its contents.  Much of the material provided here is outdated and in need of rebranding.  We look forward to providing current 4-H resources soon. 

Activity/Lesson Plan Writing Resources

STEM Project Evaluation


Professional and Volunteer Development

CSU STEM Resources

Other STEM Resources

Out-of-School Time STEM Systems Building Institute Resources

Expanding STEM Learning, Lessons Learned and Early Impact of Statewide Afterschool Networks System Building Efforts, Mainspring Consulting, 2014 (working draft)

STEM at the National Level 

STEM Education Coalition

US Department of Education  STEM: Education for Global Leadership.

STEM Lessons/Activities

You be the Chemist

Facilitator Activity Guides

States of Matter
The Basics
Acids & Bases
Rxn Rates & Catalysts
Forces & Interactions
Life & Earth Sciences

Student Work Sheets

States of Matter: Melting Ice With Salt, Moving Molecule Stomp, Solid And Liquid, The Air Around You.
Density: Buoyant Butter, Dancing Raisins, Density Totem, Liquid Rainbow
Solubility: Crystal Art, Fountain Of Soda Pop, T-Shirt Tie-dye, Wacky Waxy Watercolors.
The Basics: Brown Bananas, Cleaning Pennies, Lumpy Liquids, Rusty Wool.
Acids and bases: Egg Dye Solutions, Exploding Bags, Rubber Eggs.
Rxn Rates & Catalysts: Ageless Apples, Elephant Toothpaste, Seltzer Rxn rates.
Forces & Interactions: Antigravity Water, Balloon Rockets, Grasping for Air, Magnetic Metals, Puffed Rice Fleas.
Life and Earth Sciences:  Blubber In Sea Animals, Capillary Carnations, Dew Drops, Hold The Salt, Iron In Cereal.