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Contact Info     Colorado 4-H STEM & K-12 programs provide opportunities for youth to learn, practice and apply knowledge and abilities to prepare them for success in careers and life.

Mobile 4-H STEM Lab Training Resources   arrow

 Mobile 4-H STEM Lab Training Resources

The following training videos are currently being developed and are intended for 4-H agents wanting to learn the “How-To’s” of the proper use of 4-H Mobile Labs.  They include: Hitch, Haul, and Road Hazard, Event Setup and Program/Activity support. These videos are also intended to be used as resources for Colorado 4-H agents to support county specific volunteer training formats.  The following videos are currently being produced and will be available as they are completed. Please check back for updates.

General Mobile STEM Lab Training:
Hitch, Haul and Road Hazard Part 1 (click for training)
Hitch Haul and Road Hazard Part 2 (Click for training)
Popping up at your public event (In Production)

Environmental Science Lab: (More Videos Coming soon)
Weather and Climate: videos: Intro / 1 / 23  / 45  / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9
Angler Outreach:
Intro / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Water Windmill Challenge 
Insect Collections
Plant/Wildflower Pressing
Water/Air Quality and Macro-invertebrates
Traditional Crafts (Wilderness survival)
Augmented Reality (AR) Sand Table

Computer Science and Engineering Lab: (Videos Coming soon)
Smart Cars

Arduino Training
Computer Engineering
Soldering Kits
Coding with Python/Scratch

4-H Mobile Energy Lab  (Videos Coming soon)
Setting up for events
Solar panels
Wind Turbine
Walk by Energy Kits
Electrostatics (In Production)

STEM Maker Lab Programming (Videos Coming soon)
Wood working
Leather Craft
What’s your angle?
Traditional Crafts (Wilderness survival)
Engineering and Design (EDC Challenge kits)

CSU Extension 4-H Mobile STEM Lab Registration:

Currently, CSU Extension State 4-H Office has four Mobile STEM Labs available for 4-H Agent use.  These labs are customized cargo trailers designed to be used as functional educational labs intended to promote 4-H STEM Youth Development Programming through experiential hands-on learning.  These mobile labs have a broad spectrum of STEM activities, but also focus on educational themes which include: Environmental and physical Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Design, Energy, Environmental Sciences, STEM Trade Skills while growing STEM career pathways.

CSU Extension Environmental Sciences Lab (Sponsored by Colorado Afterschool Partnership).  The primary focus of this Mobile lab includes Environmental sciences in both the classroom and the field.  The sponsor’s intentions are to promote Out of school time programs to educate and spark youths’ interest in STEM Career fields and civic engagement.

CSU Extension Building a 4-H Career Pathway (Sponsored by Lockheed Martin) The primary focus of this Mobile lab includes computer science, engineering and design.  The sponsor’s intentions are to educate and build youth interest in STEM Career fields offered through employment with Lockheed Martin.

CSU Extension Mobile 4-H Energy Lab (Sponsored by Colorado’s Rural Electric Cooperatives).  The primary focus of this mobile lab includes energy production and conservation, energy conversions and mechanical advantage.  The sponsor’s intention is to educate youth and adults about energy use and build STEM career pathways relating to energy production.

CSU Extension 4-H Mobile STEM Maker Lab (Sponsored by Colorado 4-H STEM K-12) The primary focus of this Mobile Lab includes 4-H STEM Maker activities such as woodcraft, computer engineering, leather craft and other general STEM activities. This Lab is intended to provide 4-H agents with multiple ways to engage youth interests with hands-on experiential Learning activities.  This Mobile unit is currently open for sponsorship.  Please email for more information on how to highlight your company/business through 4-H youth Development programming.

To register for a 4-H Mobile Lab: (limited to Colorado 4-H Agents)

First, Please visit the Colorado 4-H STEM K-12 web page, select the lab you wish to register under the 4-H Mobile Labs tab and perform the following two steps.

Second, go to the links on the bottom of the selected mobile lab page and click on the “CALENDAR” link.  Scroll to the dates of your event and check the Mobile lab’s availability.  If the mobile lab is available, select the “BACK” button to return to the Selected mobile lab page.

Third, Scroll back to the links at the bottom of the page and click the “REGISTRATION” link.  Fill out the Google Doc “REGISTRATION FORM” and hit “SUBMIT”.  After you have submitted your registration request, you will receive an email confirming you registration for the dates indicated on the registration form.  The email will also include additional information specific to each mobile which you will need to know before picking up the lab.

Note to 4-H Agents: When registering a mobile lab, it is suggested to add a couple days on each end of the event dates to allow yourself time for pick up and drop off.  Reserving the trailer a few extra days before your event will also allow time to familiarize yourself, and your volunteers, with the mobile lab and its contents before your event.  Please take a picture of the order of the contents when you receive the labs as well as when you send them to their next location.  This will provide you with a helpful reference when packing up and securing the contents in the proper manner.  It is an expectation that all mobile labs are properly packed for travel before you are finished with it.  This will ensure safe transport of the equipment and will ensure all agents receiving the mobile labs will be provided with a high-quality mobile lab experience.