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Contact Info     Colorado 4-H STEM & K-12 programs provide opportunities for youth to learn, practice and apply knowledge and abilities to prepare them for success in careers and life.

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The CSU Extension Mobile 4-H STEM Maker Lab

Sponsorship for this mobile unit is available

For sponsorship opportunities please contact

This mobile lab is based in Bent County until June, 2020

The CSUE Mobile 4-H STEM Maker Lab registrations are limited to Colorado’s 4-H Agents.  Contact your local 4-H Agent for details on how to bring 4-H to your event.  Click on the “Event Calendar” link below for availability.

The CSU Extension Mobile 4-H STEM Maker Lab is a transportable educational resource equipped with projects, activities and materials intended to promote experiential learning in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

The equipment within the CSU Extension Mobile 4-H STEM Maker Lab can be utilized for indoor learning opportunities. However, the trailer is also equipped with everything needed to set up an outdoor self-contained pop-up 4-H STEM Maker space. This feature makes the CSU Extension 4-H STEM Labs an excellent addition for school fairs, day camps and educational festivals.



Haulmark Trailer Owners Manual (PDF Link)

Currently, the following projects are available to county 4-H Agents by registering the CSU Extension Mobile 4-H STEM Maker Lab for your event.  Click the Inventory link below for more information. Click the following link for a PDF Mobile STEM Maker Lab Flyer

Outdoor STEM/Maker Space:  Outdoor Pop-up STEM/Maker space.

Electronics:  Time of delivery: two 1hr sessions, No. Participants: up to 24

Spark Fun Kits:   Time of delivery: varied, No. Participants: varied

Woodworking:  Time of delivery: 1hr+ depending on number of participants.

Junk Drawer Robotics:  Time of delivery: several 1hr sessions, No. Participants: 14 – 21

Leather Craft: Coming soon (Spring of 2020).  Currently Under development.

Registration is limited to Colorado 4-H Agents.  Please contact your local CSU Extension 4-H office for more details.  A nominal registration fee of $35.00 will be billed to your 4-H county office after registration is confirmed.  This fee will be utilized for DMV registration fees, insurance, mechanical maintenance of the trailers, updating/maintaining existing projects and the periodic inclusion of new projects/activities to meet your changing 4-H Youth Development STEM/K-12 needs.


Other Available 4-H Mobile STEM Labs: Click to visit 

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For sponsorship opportunities please contact the State 4-H Office

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